Experience, quality and design in our brands

GLADIATOR, the story of a journey

Every journey has a beginning, and ours began over 75 years ago. In 1939, founder D. Luis Queralt, opened a small workshop, the seeds of the current company. 

Our history is linked to the design and manufacture of travel goods. From the beginning, the company has been driven by its commitment to create the ideal luggage to meet the needs of travelers. This long history supports tradition and experience as well as innovation. 

Over the years, Gladiator has earned a reputation as a leader in the luggage industry. We care about the design and materials to achieve excellence, functionality and technical innovation. We manufacture by and for each traveler and we are recognized for our expertise and quality. 

maletas gladiator

VOGART, your every day luggage

Vogart is the brand for the everyday luggage. Creative, with style, with a casual flare but still professional. Daily life is full of unexpected events and Vogart is here to help you on those daily adventures with its ideal designs. 

We think, design and develop our bags, backpacks, slings, briefcases, hip belts, crossbodies etc. around functionality and giving them an european feel. These are sofisticated and technical products, to keep your day organised (even when it’s not). 

Use them for your profession or your passion, whatever your destiny, whatever you war. With Vogart you’ll be free to go wherever you go, however you decide. 


John was a British gentleman, classy, punctual… until one day, tired of the routine, he took his umbrella, his coat, hat and suitcase. John started walking, wanting to see the world. Even today some say they have seen him in Belize, others in Singapore, perhaps Roma. Everyone tells about having seen him and they call him JOHN TRAVEL.

This brand is inspired by those restless, curious and adventurous people that like John decide to travel and need a bag that meets their expectations. Colorful designs, resistant materials, functionality. John Travel offers quality, accessibility and the experience of 29 years traveling together.

Developed for young travelers. Everyone needs its perfect luggage for each adventure.

And you … have you seen John?